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searching for the most sustainable salons in the world

The ECO SALON CONTEST is a worldwide competition launched by Davines to award salons that represent a true environmental commitment in accordance with the our brand's ideal of Sustainable Beauty.


Trecentosessantagradi, Vicenza (Italy), winner of the Eco Salon Contest 2013

Trecentosessantagradi video

designHome Salon

designHouse Salon Victoria (Canada), winner of the Eco Salon Design 2013

Hope Salon

Hope Salon, Norway, Premier Eco-Salon 2012

Circle Salon

Circle Salon, Chicago USA. Premier Eco-design 2012

The 2013 edition declared Trecentosessantagradi in Vicenza (Italy) winner of the overall Eco Salon Award and designHouse in Victoria (Canada) winner of the Eco Salon Design Award.

Trecentosessantagradi is an Italian salon built on the respect for Nature and our planet and driven by the firm belief that Beauty and Sustainability are stronger if joined together. The salon is deeply dedicated to sustainability from the most simple daily gestures to the use of recycled furniture and the participation in the Zero Impact® project. They organize always new sustainable initiatives. For example, they promoted the use of bicycle rewarding the customers who used it to go to the salon with a Zero Impact® mini-size product belonging to Davines Essential Haircare line.

designHouse is a Canadian salon that promotes beauty through health in a holistic manner, thinking that it is important to feel beauty from the outside to the inside and the other way around. Their passion for sustainability is conveyed by a huge number of efforts, first of all from the highly symbolic living wall that decorates the salon. Their aim is to inspire the other hairdressers and their customers. They do that through the salon design (reclaimed wood and pipefitting), the use of renewable sources, the collection of the cut hair to turn them into hair booms, the use of laundry balls in the washing machine in order to avoid soap and the promotion of bike racks in front of the salon.

The 2012 edition declared Hope Hair in Oslo as the winner of the Davines Premier Eco-Salon award and The Circle Salon in Chicago as the winner of the Davines Premier Eco-Salon Design.

The Eco-Salon Contest is much more than a contest, it is a meeting place, a space where all salons that actively promote the ideal of Sustainable Beauty can compare and exchange ideas. Twenty of the participants were published in the Eco Salon book, published in January 2012 with the editorial contribution of ESTETICA.