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Work: a daily opportunity to express yourself and to improve and grow together with the other people.

This is what Davines considers essential, even more than the investments in productive systems and structures: “ Davines is, and wishes to remain, a traditional artisan company which understands that people represent its basic wealth” (Davide Bollati, Davines chairman and owner).

Davines does not only wish to become the most beautiful cosmetics company in the world, but also the most ethical. And “ethical” here stands for the art of building good relationship with ourselves, with the others and with the environment we live in.

The word “ethics” derives from the Greek ethos whose meanings include “home”, “man’s refuge”, “den”. The etymology reminds us that the ethical search involves the attempt to make the work place where we spend a large part of our time more “homely”, more ours so as to make possible “a working life worth living” (Alberto Peretti, philosophical consultant).