Light and harmony

Light and harmony

The ambition to recreate the reflects and floating colours of mother of pearl on hair has given rise to a collection of simple and versatile cuts illuminated by shades that enliven the hair with unpredictable flashes.

Iceland mountains

Daily-life beauty

Flamboyance DIVA suggests simple, yet refined and sophisticated looks that makes today's woman, involved in living her daily life, perfect and gorgeous like a true diva without losing her simplicity, spontaneity and down to earth approach.

Refined femminility

For this Davines collection Angelo Seminara has drawn inspiration from a dynamic, yet elegant and feminine beauty typically represented by the "femme de Paris".


Nature's palettes

From the amazement for nature to the creative spark: once again the genesis of Davines collection starts from the desire to create a beauty that can surprise without artifice, observing and learning the secrets of the nature that surrounds us. Mother of Pearl is an endless variations of light and colour, flowing and mixing liberally yet motionless.

Dedicated to

Sleek swan is dedicated to the elegance and glamour of those women who can be beauty icons for personality, inner strength and femininity

NATTURA inspiration

NATTURA inspiration

NATTURA is the fist collection concived from Angelo Seminara as Davines artistic director. It is a tribute to the beauty of Iceland, where the spring and the summer offer limpid and pure, warming and embracing colours. Each of them revealing chromatic facets and light game to harmonize with the landscape.

Colour and style fused into naturalness

The naturalness, resulting from a careful study of form and colour, is the inspiration and distinctive sign that Angelo represents in a model of contemporary woman, who is harmonious and sensual, spontaneous and nonchalant chic.

Flamboyage techniques

Flamboyage techniques

Flamboyage evolution A year after its creation Flamboyage Meche demonstrate to be growing together with the hairdresser’s creativity.
Flamboyage Random-angled slices
Flamboyage Classical Highlights
Flamboyage Pivotal Subsurfaces Slices


DIVA is the second interpretation of Flamboyance from Angelo Seminara.

It is a representations of a contemporary, active woman that discovers the pleasure of feeling special and unique just like an iconic and glamorous beauty of the past.

Revolutionary colour technique

This collection is the highest creative expression of the new colour technique it is named after: Flamboyage.

The basic idea is to enhance natural hair reflects through minimalistic yet striking looks for an easy to wear, yet extraordinarily innovative hair expression

Exclusive service

Exclusive service

Exclusive service at Davines salons

Iceland church

Powder is a retro charm

A graceful woman, conscious and fresh, distant from the obsessions of our age. And imagines a light veil of powder that falls on everything, dancing, talking about stories of a past both near and far.


Flamboyage key features

1. Natural seamless colour reflects
2. Easy fast and precise colour service
3. Extremelly versatile use
4. Personalized and long-lasting colour results
5. No visible regrowth

Flamboyage key features

The most graceful substance

The Mother of Pearl is a hard stone-like substance, clad with multiple mirrors. Mother of Pearl is a pure collection, of class, of creative colours that softly blend into naturals to look surprisingly beautiful yet extraordinary different.


Creates patterns and reflects

Flamboyage is the new revolutionary colour service that can enhance natural colours by spontaneously blending bright and saturated tones, to create super-rich reflect patterns all along the hair length.

Feminine harmonic hair

Every image of the Flamboyance DIVA collection suggests an elegant, perfect and absolutely sublime style.

Each of them presents light, organic forms combined with fresh, feminine nuances. The hair is lit with tone on tone reflects to enhance natural movement and to avoid artificial contrasts.

Imagined for dynamic women

Easy-wear haircuts brimming with personality and featuring bright luminous colours.


Natural-looking end results

Flamboyage Meche’s great versatility produces natural-looking end results, even when using brighter, more inventive nuances. Flamboyage is a technique that can easily be repeated, making the colourist’s work extremely simple and fast, whilst offering unprecedented creative freedom.

Natural-looking end results

Eyes in need of beauty

White commuting into moss green, surprisingly mixing with soft pink, turn suddenly mint green, blending with yellow, transforming into salmon, merging again with whiteand again in endless, colourful game.

Practical & easy

Practical & easy

This is an adhesive strip to be used just like a work surface: hair sections remain secured to it so they can be treated quickly and in an extremely creative way. The possibility of isolating a random amount of hair in a single quick movement enables you to create distinctive details or different colour tones throughout the length.

Delicate, incorruptible architecture

Hairstyles are finally enhanced thanks to the use of the brand new Davines styling line more inside, developed according to innovative performance factors (extra hydration, full elasticity, anti-residue and texture) developed with the help of Angelo Seminara which led to the development of first-rate formulas for each product.

Easy-Chic Diva

Flamboyance DIVA is Angelo Seminara own tribute to the appeal and glamour of the diva of the past. It’s a personal and contemporary interpretation of their timeless and beauty ahead of fashion and styles.

Flamboyage Meche

Having identified the natural hair base, Flamboyage tends to enhance reflects by working on different sections of the haircut using the new colour tool, Flamboyage Meche.

A mysterious combination of light and matter

Magical effects, result of the perfect synergy between Flamboyage and the 6 new nuances of the ammonia free permanent colour line, A New Colour Pure Colour, the latest evolutions of pure colours that allow you to work on bleached and lightened hair to create both bright and pastel tones.

Sensuality from the '50s

Powder also narrates the vital and free era of the '50s. With soft hair that frames faces made beautiful with blush powder, mascara and lipstick.

Souffle of powder with Flamboyage

Timeless hair colour flaming with beautiful and fresh shades obtained by wise use of Flamboyage.

The evolution on the usage of Flamboyage Meche adds super-rich reflect patterns and gives more texture to the hair giving to hairdresser the opportunity of obtain new results.

Audacious and seductive

Easy-wear haircuts brimming with personality, featuring bright luminous colours.

Revolutionary colour service

Flamboyage it’s a revolutionary and innovative colour service, created by Angelo Seminara for Davines, that produces an extremely natural and seamless colour result.

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Flamboyage results

Flamboyage results

Watch Davines collections to see Flamboyage possibilities.


Elegant stands the swan

The unique features of their character and their attitude makes them refined, not afraid of loneliness and, despite its delicate appearance and slender, silky neck, conceals strength and stubbornness in defending their world.

Elegant stands the swan

Shape and cut

The cuts, constructed using an innovative alternation of scissors and razor, shape pure, clean lines, free to move at will thanks to a soft styling that lightly emphasizes their character.

A surprising synthesis of form and colour

The chromatic result is to create a neutral look able to enhance the intense iridescent effects of the hair, as if to remind the dual nature of air and water creatures that are wild swans, that are special women.

Black&White harmonic antithesis

Femininity comes to life from contrasts and unusual facets: underscored by make-up that draws the intensity of the gaze against a base as pale as porcelain, and the choice of strictly black & white, linear clothing

Visionary insight on discrete nature

Frail only in appearance, each image outlines a different aspect of the swan's beauty

A natural charm

Observation of nature, creative experimentation, tension par excellence: these are the secrets of a collection that is versatile and captivating, natural and strong, as graceful as the charm of a swan

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