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Light and harmony

Light and harmony

The ambition to recreate the reflects and floating colours of mother of pearl on hair has given rise to a collection of simple and versatile cuts illuminated by shades that enliven the hair with unpredictable flashes.

Nature's palettes

From the amazement for nature to the creative spark: once again the genesis of Davines collection starts from the desire to create a beauty that can surprise without artifice, observing and learning the secrets of the nature that surrounds us. Mother of Pearl is an endless variations of light and colour, flowing and mixing liberally yet motionless.

The most graceful substance

The Mother of Pearl is a hard stone-like substance, clad with multiple mirrors. Mother of Pearl is a pure collection, of class, of creative colours that softly blend into naturals to look surprisingly beautiful yet extraordinary different.

Eyes in need of beauty

White commuting into moss green, surprisingly mixing with soft pink, turn suddenly mint green, blending with yellow, transforming into salmon, merging again with whiteand again in endless, colourful game.

Delicate, incorruptible architecture

Hairstyles are finally enhanced thanks to the use of the brand new Davines styling line more inside, developed according to innovative performance factors (extra hydration, full elasticity, anti-residue and texture) developed with the help of Angelo Seminara which led to the development of first-rate formulas for each product.

A mysterious combination of light and matter

Magical effects, result of the perfect synergy between Flamboyage and the 6 new nuances of the ammonia free permanent colour line, A New Colour Pure Colour, the latest evolutions of pure colours that allow you to work on bleached and lightened hair to create both bright and pastel tones.

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