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' Remember me, whispers the dust'

(Peter Huchel)

Powder – the dust of time that unveils the beauty from the past to the future.
Powder is what covers everything with its delicate dress, smoothing angularity and gradation. Homogeneous and ethereal as the air that can not be grasped.  

Backstage-Powder 1

Powder is a retro charm

A graceful woman, conscious and fresh, distant from the obsessions of our age. And imagines a light veil of powder that falls on everything, dancing, talking about stories of a past both near and far.

Sensuality from the '50s

Powder also narrates the vital and free era of the '50s. With soft and longer hair that frames faces made beautiful with blush powder, mascara and lipstick.

Souffle of powder with Flamboyage

Timeless hair colour flaming with beautiful and fresh shades obtained by wise use of Flamboyage.

The evolution on the usage of Flamboyage Meche adds super-rich reflect patterns and gives more texture to the hair giving to hairdresser the opportunity of obtain new results.

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