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Impacting colours

Inspired the metropolitan art that talks to passer-bys through graffiti featuring impacting colours and words, the urban art became accessible for its live proximity to the people.

Complementary techniques

Colour, cut and styling complement each other creating an overall harmonious result balanced with the woman face volumes.

80s graphics fascination

A revival from the overwhelming attraction of the 80s graphics. spontaneous, direct looks.

Rebel double look

Assertive and authentic

Rebel collection feature rebellious volumes, definite and shiny straight looks, matt textures playing with contrasting colours, and also full curls and vibrant waves.

Rebel is an attitude

Rebel is simple, yet sophisticated, assertive and sometimes biting. It is an attitude that every woman knows, be it in an open or hidden way, at a young or mature age. You can dare, be exuberant in expressing yourself without losing femininity.



Use this private access link to discover how to interpret the collection step by step colour, cut and styling techniques.
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