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Sleek swan is dedicated to the elegance and glamour of those women who can be beauty icons for personality, inner strength and femininity

Elegant stands the swan

The unique features of their character and their attitude makes them refined, not afraid of loneliness and, despite its delicate appearance and slender, silky neck, conceals strength and stubbornness in defending their world.

Elegant stands the swan

Shape and cut

The cuts, constructed using an innovative alternation of scissors and razor, shape pure, clean lines, free to move at will thanks to a soft styling that lightly emphasizes their character.

A surprising synthesis of form and colour

The chromatic result is to create a neutral look able to enhance the intense iridescent effects of the hair, as if to remind the dual nature of air and water creatures that are wild swans, that are special women.

Black&White harmonic antithesis

Femininity comes to life from contrasts and unusual facets: underscored by make-up that draws the intensity of the gaze against a base as pale as porcelain, and the choice of strictly black & white, linear clothing

Visionary insight on discrete nature

Frail only in appearance, each image outlines a different aspect of the swan's beauty

A natural charm

Observation of nature, creative experimentation, tension par excellence: these are the secrets of a collection that is versatile and captivating, natural and strong, as graceful as the charm of a swan

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