“I was faced with the reality that I was now in the company of the greatest hairdressers in the world, most of them having being my mentors and idols.

“I was faced with the reality that I was now in the company of the greatest hairdressers in the world, most of them having being my mentors and idols." - Candice about the victory of 2010 Davines WSC.


Selected among the best hairstylists in the world, they represent the core of Davines excellence, by defining the brand cutting edge style. Follow their new collections and shows, be inspired by their seminars and training courses across Europe!

ALLILON: Founded in 2008 by two friends, Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, Allilon is a privately owned company, a group of hairstylists specialized in producing educational hair shows and seminars, as well as in researching shape and form in haircutting techniques. “Embracing our craft to leave a legacy for others”.

BRIAN SUHR: Having been the Davines International Master Trainer Coordinator for almost twelve years, Brian is well recognized in our global community as one of the best interpreters of Davines values and philosophy. The images of his glamorous and contemporary work appear regularly in local fashion and beauty magazines, after his performances, in collaboration with Kirsten Demant.

CANDICE WYATT-MINTER: Candice Wyatt-Minter is a South African born hairstylist with a brilliant career ranging from hairdressing education to freelancing for magazines and the film industry. In 2010 she definitely entered Davines’ world by winning the 2010 World Style Contest.

FRANCESCO MARIA FERRI: Motivating, creative, passionate, energetic, inspiring, he possesses a unique blend of technical and artistic skills. After a brilliant career in some of the world’s most hairdresser education focused companies, Francesco has returned to his native Parma to join the Davines team.

KIRSTEN DEMANT: As International Master Trainer and part of the Davines Artistic Team, Kirsten Demant fully interprets the Davines style. Her Scandinavian origin makes her work representative of a distinct Nordic style combining beauty and simplicity with fashion, in an active collaboration with Brian Suhr.

CRISTIANO SUZZI: Cristiano defines himself as an artisan: his hands give shape to hair as the hands of the artisan give shape to mater. Simplicity and authenticity are the values that guide his style, charming the public thanks to his ability to re-elaborate Davines products, creating innovative salon services.

VINCENT MOUTAULT: Vincent considers hair as an artist considers his working material. He has only one goal: to achieve beauty, a chic style and sensuality. After having been on stage at the World Wide Hair Tour Paris in 2013, Vincent has been leading shows and seminars in other European countries, and he has always been recognized for his passion, and for being a pure expression of the French coiffure.