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19 grams of sustainability

19 grams of sustainability

The new Activator bottle awarded the “packaging oscar” for the environment 2016!

19 grams to reach a more sustainable world.

This is the story of our new MASK with Vibrachrom Activator bottle, which just recently received the Best Packaging 2016 award for the environment section in the "Packaging Oscar " contest promoted by the Italian Institute of Packaging and CONAI!

According to Davines’ Packaging Research paper, every container is designed with a minimum quantity of material. For the relaunch of our Activators line , products for technical services essential to permanent colouring and dye services, our R&D studied how to reduce the amount of plastic by 19 grams compared to the previous version of the bottle.

Reducing the plastic content was a particularly ambitious challenge for the chemical nature of the product content, which requires synergetic and compatible containers. Traditionally, high-density plastics have been used in large quantities for product content of this nature. This further emphasizes the significance of this accomplishment; its positive environmental impact is exponential.

Reducing the plastic content of our packaging is a major milestone in the implementation of Davines’ corporate values. Increasing the internal volume of the container translates into smaller packages, which in turn translates into logistics optimization and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during transport.

Also, reducing the plastic content has made the bottle "squeezable", thus facilitating product delivery, avoiding waste and enhancing the container’s functionality.

It’s wonderful to be recognized by the Italian Institute of Packaging and CONAI for our new Activator packaging. At Davines, we unceasingly strive to reduce our environmental footprint, which we believe ultimately improves the quality of our products and our way of life.