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Being a Curly

Being a Curly

Today we bring you into the "curly" world and explain to you why your hair is so irresistible.

There is something any person born with curly hair has desired at least once in their life: making it straight !

At the last broken comb, suffered battle against an entangled hair knot, or blow-dry ruined by the rain, even the most dedicated curly-hair girl had this thought cross her mind.

Why? Because curls need particular care that varies depending on the style and cut, but also on the curl typology.

There are situations that only those who are born with a mane on their heads can understand...

1) Hours and hours spent with comb and balm trying to untangle the hair knots.

2) The relationship with hair accessories? ... problematic! The hairpin disappears in your hair, never to return. Hair bands that survive your hair are few: you never have enough of them in your purse.

3)The fringe is off limits… Even when it’s a DO for everyone else, for you it remains a loud DON’T.

4) Humidity is your worst enemy… frizziness and volume come to you as bees on honey.

5) Your at-night-perfect curls turn out flat and frizzy in the morning.

Being curly is not always easy! But what if some women were born, as their hair, not to be tamed? Maybe they need only good advice on how to express their personality and unleash the potential of their curls?

It all begins with the knowledge of the origin of curls: the birth of curly hair is more “complicated” of the one of straight hair. Do you know the reason why?

It is based on the shape of the bulb. The bulb is the area where hair originates, where keratin, the smallest brick that makes up the hair structure, is formed. In straight hair, the bulb is perpendicular to the scalp which allows keratin proteins to assemble themselves in a single row. The result is a rounded hair shaft, which appears straight and compact.

If, instead, the bulb is at an angle in relation to the scalp, the keratin proteins cannot assemble in a row, which will result in an oval or elliptical hair shaft, which is irregular and less compact. The more the bulb is angled in relation to the scalp, the curlier the hair will form.

This is why curly hair is often dry and fragile: the curlier the hair is, the more difficult it is for sebum, which is naturally present in hair, to reach the entire length of the hair shaft and provide enough hydration through the lengths and ends.

Saying yes to curls does not have to be a complicated and full-of-compromises path. With the right path and products, even the curliest hair can receive the right hydration and nourishment, revealing its natural splendor.

For this reason we have reformulated and enriched the Love Curl Essential Haircare family: 8 products to cover all the needs of wavy or curly hair, in any moment of the beauty routine.

To appreciate your own curly hair, you need personality: behind those vaporous and exotic looks, there are women that opt for comfort, do not take themselves too seriously and always know how to express what they are.

Do you still have doubts about loving your curls? Think that Beyonce… is like you!


WAVES: LOVE/curl shampoo + LOVE/curl conditioner + LOVE/curl primer + LOVE/curl cream.

SOFT CURLS: LOVE/curl shampoo+ LOVE/curl conditioner o LOVE/curl hair mask (For very dry hair) + LOVE/curl primer + LOVE/curl cream.

RINGLETS: LOVE/curl Cleansing Cream or LOVE/curl shampoo + LOVE/curl conditioner o LOVE/curl hair mask (Every third wash, alternate the use of Love/ curl cleansing cream with the combination of Love/ curl shampoo and Love/ curl conditioner or Love/ curl hair mask) + LOVE/curl primer + LOVE/curl cream o LOVE/curl controller (For very dry hair)

CORKSCREWS: LOVE/curl Cleansing Cream oppure LOVE/curl shampoo + LOVE/curl hair mask ( Every third wash, alternate the use of Love/curl cleansing cream with the combination of Love/ curl shampoo and Love/ curl conditioner or Love/ curl hair mask.) + LOVE/curl primer + LOVE/curl controller

And to renew the beauty of your curl the day after cleansing: LOVE/curl revitalizer !