Getting back in shape after the summer is fundamental, even for your hair. A small guide including the right tips and treatments to dealing with fall.

As we all know, Autumn is not among the seasons in which it is easier to be on our top. The energy decreases, our skin is paler, dark circles and puffy eyes leave their mark.The time of sea breeze ruffling our hair and giving us a messy but super cool look are long gone. Summer has left as legacy only the consequences of sunbathing, salt and chlorine. After summer, our hair is often weakened and damaged, and tend to break more easily. Moreover, the arrival of rain and wind and a frequent use of hair dryer and hats call for a remise en forme of our head!

Then, where to start from? What are the best strategies to face autumn?

The first step to facing this season is to cut back! Stop by your hair saloon to eliminate split ends: this is the first thing that will give you back a fresh, new look. At home, always use the hair dryer setting a low temperature, and if you like curls, opt for a diffuser that avoids the direct contact with heat.

Damaged and dehydrated hair should not be stressed with frequent washings. Give the green light to hydration and nourishing: always remember to use a rich shampoo, as the Nounou Shampoo, together with its mask, the Nounou Hair Mask that will make your hair soft and silky, and will give it body.

Another typical fall problem is the always feared growth of hair loss. There are specific products that prevent this phenomenon, as the energizing ones of Naturaltech. The Naturaltech line is perfect to give to fragile hair an energy boost. Try the Energizing Lotion, perfect for hair that is prone to falling out and particularly recommended for hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors.

The word “detox” is mainstream throughout the year but in this period it assumes a particular meaning for our hair. The end of holidays and the return to the city, the daily contact with smog and pollution… all this stress call for detoxification! As face scrubs, the Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo contains scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of the scalp, and a protective action against free radicals. Once a week, go for a hair detox treatment!

Finally, autumn humidity does not help to have our look under control. Frizzy hair commands and it is always around the corner after every hair-sets. To get the perfect finish, the Oi Oil runs to help us against frizz: for an anti-frizz effect apply on damp hair, while for a shiny and soft finishing apply to lengths and ends of dry hair. In a second, you will have fantastic look...fog-proof!