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Crossing The Border

Crossing The Border

Our Guide To Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Sharing a continent with a dreamy vacation destination certainly has its merits. 5 short hours from NYC lies Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: a tropical oasis with more to it than sparkling white beaches and phenomenal tacos. Whether you are looking for a secluded holiday for two, or wanting to party the night away for a week straight, Cabo San Lucas has something for you.

Armed with More Inside's Sea Salt Spray for mermaid-style locks, SU Wash for our newly bronzed skin and Comfort Zone's Aloe Vera Gel for after that first day when you naively believe you don’t need sunscreen, we crossed the border and discovered an oasis worth revisiting again and again.


If you like 7,000 square feet villas with private chefs and breathtaking views then this is the place for you. Cabo Villa's is a quintessential experience no matter your preference.

Looking for a road-less-traveled option? Try Vidasoul, an off-the-beaten-track hotel that is economical but doesn’t skimp on seriously luxe surroundings and beachfront bliss.


Although the 15ft high waves make it impossible to swim in the ocean (that’s what the infinity pools are for), they make for some Kodak moments. If you manage to leave the vicinity of your hotel balcony, poolside recliner and plethora of freshly made Guacamole, make your way to the famed rock formations at Land's End (el arco). Even better shared with a beau, this is also a popular diving spot.


After driving through miles of desert, the unrelenting backdrop of beige becomes a true mirage in the form of the breathtakingly green Flora Farms, which also houses an award-wining restaurant. Outdoor brick ovens and fresh vegetables aplenty, this is the perfect spot to feast on foraged fare and indulge in Mexican-accented cocktails. Farm to table at its finest!


When the sun sets and your fourth Margarita is long gone, it’s time to hit the local club scene. Grab a table at Mandala and let your hair down… again.

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