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Sleek Swan

Sleek Swan

Sleek Swan

The proud elegance of the swan

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Sleek Swan collection is the result of the nature observation fuse with the creative experimentation of Angelo Seminara - Davines Artistic Director, who, gives tribute to the grace of the swan.

A figure with a perfect silhouette and discreet nature, but capable of asserting itself unfalteringly, leaving a trail devoid of uncertainties. A collection dedicated to women who know how to draw strength from simplicity, icons of an innate elegance lived with naturalness.

Frail only in appearance, the image of the swan is played on graphic contrasts of black and white, among which nestle iridescent shades recalling plumage.

A surprising synthesis of form and colour, is an accessible assumption of the Davines colour and styling lines. Its iridescent effects arise from the canny use of bleaching and colour, obtained using Davines A New Colour, in addition to Pure Colour, processed using the exclusive Flamboyage M├Ęche tool.

Meanwhile, the final styling perfectly harmonizes lines that are more defined and soft, composed and movement, thereby determining the character of each individual look and its flexibility.