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Summer braiding is back!

Summer braiding is back!

Summer braiding is back!

Turn your everyday braid into night summer wavy hair!

Seasons come and go, fashion, make-up and hairstyle need to follow at a fast pace!

Hence, there is a yearlong evergreen you can count on during any season: Hair braids!

The braid is a great choice for any occasion, from formal occasion as wedding and graduation, to the everyday working life. It is beautiful, easy and it gives a special touch to the hair, which immediately looks fancy and much more elaborate!

With summer first knocking and the outdoor night hang outs getting more frequent here we collected 2 trendy ideas for your day to night hair braiding style.

Brian Suhr, Davines international stylist, shared with us these couple of tips on how to make a perfect summer braid and how to twist it in a wavy summer undone look.

“Loose braid is an optimal practical style: it can fit a summer chic bohemian look, a rock& roll festival spirit as well as a spring preppy collage style.

To create a soft, disheveled, loose braiding, to be worn on the side or straight in the back you should first add some texture and wave moisture to your hair.

You can achieve it applying more inside curl moisturizing mousse on wet hair letting it dry natural; when it is 90% dry take 3 sections from your crown area and start braiding. Tie an elastic band at the end and then start opening the locks to reach the plumped and bloomed effect of the loose braid.

Then if you want to twist your look and revamp it for the night, you can easily turn your loose braid into a wonderful wavy look!

Start by releasing the locks to undo the braiding. Then using more inside Sea Salt Spray scrunch the hair with your fingers to re arrange your mane while adding texture. To make sure your hairdo will last long enough, finish with some more inside strong hairspray.

The result is a nice natural summer wave look.”