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World Wide Hair Tour 2019

World Wide Hair Tour 2019

Discover the power of nature

After the incredible appointment of Parma, the World Wide Hair Tour comes to Reykjavík!

After several years of touring the World most attractive capitals captivated by the vibes and the contemporary vitality of urban cities, it’s time to bring Davines community to one of the most evocative places on Earth, a magical country where you feel the power of nature, a land surrounded by spectacular glaciers, geysers and endless stretches of rock: Iceland.

Pin in to your map! World Wide Hair Tour 2019 is hitting Iceland!

Now time for a map zoom on Reykjavík: Capital of Iceland and hosting city for Davines WWHT 2019. Like the rest of the country, Reykjavík is an ambivalent city, focused on future and modernization but strongly combined with unspoiled nature. Not only the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík is also the largest city in the Country and the northernmost in the world; focal point of business, commerce and communication, boasts a great cosmopolitan spirit.

World Style Contest 2019 - a wanderlast creative competition. WWHT is the biggest Davines gathering and a unique opportunity to bring onstage the latest talent scouting in our community: this is what World Style Context is about! A competitive opportunity for hairstylist talents, to interpret their style and gain international recognition by addressing each other as selected finalists from around the world.

Davines friends creativity and values rendezvous - The WWHT is our yearly chance to meet among friends, exchange trends, ideas and projects; a unique appointment for hairdressers guided by similar mindset to participate in an event dedicated to beauty living the values of respect for nature.

Saturday, May 4th

5 days landpackage, Clients arrival

Sunday, May 5th

3 and 4 days landpackage, Clients arrival

* 1 day Discovery Iceland tour for 5 days landpackage Clients

Monday, May 6th

2 days landpackage, Clients arrival

* Half day Discovery Iceland tour for 3 and 4 days landpackage Clients

* Show (late afternoon)

* Welcome dinner

Tuesday, May 7th

* Show (all day)

* Party

Wednesday, May 8th

2 and 3 days landpackages, Clients departure

* Half day Discovery Iceland tour for 5 days landpackage Clients

* 1 day Discovery Iceland tour for 4 days landpackage Clients

Thursday, May 9th

4 and 5 days landpackages, Clients departure