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Activator 5vol.
Color SpaceColor Space offers a wide range of scientifically-driven products that address hair and scalp wellness, and enables salons to create customized menus of color services.

Activator 5vol.

It is an oxidant cream specifically created in order to use with Mask with Vibrachrom™ colouring system to tone previously coloured or decoloured hair to tone natural hair and L’Art Decolor system to up to 2 levels of lifting.
Its creamy formulation facilitates the colour mixing, creating a texture that adheres and remain onto the hair, ensuring high penetration of the colour into the hair for a long-lasting effect. The formulas has emollient and protective agents that offers extra shine, high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the colour.

How to use:

Always mix with Mask with Vibrachrom™ colour cream, following the instructions written in the technical dossier, and with L’Art Decolour, according to the products’ guidelines.

Product Sizes:

900 ml

Best Packaging 2016 award for the environment section in the "Packaging Oscar " promoted by the Italian Institute of Packaging and CONAI