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DEDE Conditioner
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DEDE Conditioner

Dede delicate replenishing leave-in mist is a fluid conditioner with an innovative formula designed for fine hair with a tendency for heaviness, and is excellent as a pre-perm anent wave or colour treatment as a porosity equalizer. Dede delicate replenishing leave-in mist has a twofold function: anti-free radical protective and repairing, as its acid pH perfectly seals the hair scales, making the hair soft and shiny but not heavy.

How to use:

Spray it onto hair after shampoo. Do not rinse.

Product Sizes:

250 ml

Natural Active Ingredients:

Zero Impact® product


Recipe directions:

An instant wrinkles-flatting mask; It illuminate the complexion and makes a great base for make-up.

Mix 3 spoons of soy flour with one egg white, one spoon of grape juice and one spoon of honey.

Spread the mixture onto the face and leave on for half an hour, then remove using a damp sponge.