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Nourishing Restructuring Miracle
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Nourishing Restructuring Miracle

Restructuring Miracle is not to be considered a substitute for restructuring conditioners, but a product aimed at perfectly restoring the structure of seriously damaged hair. The treatment gives visible results from first application: results last up to 6-8 shampoos. Repeated applications will also lengthen the effect.

How to use:

Apply 30 gr. of product to washed and towel-dried hair, working section by section with a brush and only to the hair portion that needs to be repaired. Leave on for 10 minutes under a source of moist heat or for 15 minutes without heat source (it is not advisable to use a cap or film). Rinse the product off thoroughly, then apply the conditioner that suits the type of hair that has just been treated (Vegetarian Miracle, in the case of medium-thick hair, or Living Enzyme Infusion for fine hair). Nourishing Restructuring Miracle can be used before a perm and relaxing service, but also before a colour application: in the latter case, make sure the product is applied exclusively to the hair that needs to be repaired. Repeat the treatment with Nourishing Restructuring Miracle every 6-8 shampoos; repeated applications will also lengthen the effect.

Product Sizes:

1000 ml

Natural Active Ingredients: