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VOLU Conditioner
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VOLU Conditioner

VOLU Conditioner is specifically formulated with a jelly texture in order to guarantee detangling properties without heaviness.

How to use:

Evenly apply a suitable amount of product on washed damp hair. Leave to work for a few minutes, comb through, then rinse.

Product Sizes:

250 ml, 1000 ml, 75 ml

Natural Active Ingredients:

Zero Impact® product


Recipe directions:

Clean the face and neck, gently dab the skin with a towel than apply the hazelnut oil making sure to not enter in contact with the eyes.

The hazelnut oil mask is also suitable for the body.

An ancient beauty recipe suggested to use hazelnut oil as a masks to rejuvenate the skin.

Hazelnut oil contains Vitamins A and E, with 85% unsaturated fatty acids; for this reason, it can be useful in treating irritation of sensitive skin, making it more elastic. It penetrates the skin quickly and deeply and acts on wrinkles.

Hazelnut oil can contribute to treating face skin. It is gentle, nourishing and regenerating, and thus prevents skin dehydration.

It is ideal both for varied and fatigued skin types, it soothes and protects, invigorates and purifies. It is effective against stretch marks and scars. It can be effective to reinvigorate hair and purify the scalp. It has an invigorating action and is excellent for massage, especially on muscles.