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N°12 Cement Powder
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N°12 Cement Powder

Allows you to increase the holding power of the product when mixed with cream, wax and mousse styling products. The modularity of the Cement Powder allows different holding strengths, from light to extreme. Ideal to emphasize the hold of the For Wizards product range usually used it allows to create a style that is always different and personalized.

How to use:

Work with your hands a small amount of For Wizard creme, wax, gel or mousse with the correct amount of No.12 Cement Powder. Apply the obtained mix onto dry or wet hair in accordance to the desired effect. The correct dose of Cement Powder to be used various in accordance with the holding strength you want to obtain. It is advised that the entire product can be used for 100 applications. The packaging permits and easy and precise distribution of the powder, without waste.

Product Sizes:

15 g

Natural Active Ingredients: