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3 green-lifestyle advices for summer


Our environmentally-friendly recommendations can help facing the heat of August with style, and also be a boost for your health and wellbeing balance. Here's how.

#1 - Chic picnic

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Wheter you organize a dinner in the garden or a picnic in the countryside, avoid disposable tableware: use unpaired services for your trips out of town. Thus, forks, knives and solitary saucers find a new use and do not become waste!

#2 - Fruit drinks are fun

In summer, hydration is essential! You can make fresh and healthy drinks by cutting seasonal fruit into small pieces and infusing them in a glass carafe with water and ice. Then, whenever you go out, take the drink with you in a thermal bottle.

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#3 - Walk walk walk

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August can be really hot. But why not taking a walk in the early morning, when the temperature is tender and the scents of nature fill the air? Walking is also a great way to facilitate circulation after a night in bed.

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