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How to give a short hairstyle a new life

By Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director

Still struggling to blow dry or style your slightly grown out short haircut? It's time to embrace and enhance the natural movement of your hair!

# 1 - Create texture

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Take a generous amount of This is a Medium Hold Pliable Pasteand apply it starting from the neck, to avoid making your hair too heavy.

#2 - Comb the product through

Make sure that the product is evenly distributed on the hair, carefully combing from the center of the head. Any type of comb is fine, depending on your hair type.

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# 3 - Give volume and movement

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Use your fingers and start to work the hair upward, to add volume. Then gently curl the corners of your hair up, to tease the natural movement and follow the waves of your hair. Let it air dry.

#4 - Final touch

As a final touch, lightly spritz some This is a Sea Salt Spray, from a distance. 

Then curl the ends of the curls up again and you're done! This look will be different from person to person, depending on the hair. The important thing is to embrace your hair’s natural movement and texture!

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Still have some questions? Watch our tutorials on IGTV!

Disclaimer:This video was shot at Tom's home during the Coronavirus quarantine. His special guest is Jeany, the mannequin head 😉.

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