Even the packaging is a factor in sustainability, this is why Davines has developed a set of guideline principles that strive to create packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our packaging choices are based on three fundamental points:

- The use of as little raw materials as possible;

- The use of recyclable materials;

- The optimization of logistics and quality control processes to avoid waste..

The actions we take daily to comply with the packaging guidelines are numerous and concrete:

- Use only the minimum amount of plastic required to contain and protect the product is used (e.g. Davines Essential Haircare line). This case study includes the ECOMILLE project, for which Davines was awarded the “Product Stewardship 2011” prize by the Federazione Nazionale dell’Industria Chimica (Federchimica - National Chemical Industry Federation);

- Use of only primary packaging, eliminating cardboard cartons; when this cannot be avoided, the use of recycled or compostable materials;

- Selection of recyclable materials for packaging purpuses;

- Reduce the use of composite materials as much as possible, as they are difficult to recycle, and choose those that can easily be separated through the use of automatic processes, or better yet, create single-material packaging;

- Choose whenever possible suppliers that make use of renewable resources, companies that certify the quality of their products and methods of operation, and sensible to sustenibility;

- Increase quality control to avoid re-processing and product returns, which in doing so, will reduce waste resources that represent a waste of resources;

- Offest the annual emission of CO2 generated during the production of the packaging for our best-selling line Essential Haircare, to which we have added the SU sun care line and the OI family, effectively qualifying them as Zero Impact®;

- Maintain a careful study of new international regulations regarding recycling and a vigilant observation of innovations in terms of packaging.